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I’ll admit it, I do love the burn of a good workout, or that achey soreness the day after a leg day, but there’s also nothing like sleeping in, and binge watching my latest Netflix show.

I am not a fitness girl. It takes a lot of motivation to get me to workout, I will whine and come up with every excuse in the book to get out of it. However when I actually go, I feel invigorated, energized, refreshed, and I swear I’ll be doing it everyday.

What I am is, a social fitness girl. I love a good group bootcamp class, or a new trending workout with a group of girlfriends. Pure Barre, TRX, Bootcamp, Orange Theory, Ignite 360, Crossfit, Flying Yoga. You name it, I’ll try it.
I also love doing things outdoors that burn calories, but don’t necessarily feel like a workout. Hiking and walking the beach to name a few.

With this being my first Fitness blog, I am here to try and change that. Follow my lazy girl journey into, the fit girl life.


Fingers crossed!

xo Eri