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The art of saying no

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The reality is that if you take on too many responsibilities and say ‘yes’ to everything that comes your direction,  you will become overwhelmed and likely end up disappointing a lot of people along the way. Its  The art of saying ‘No’. It sounds easy but it is something that has taken a lot of time for me to understand. The fact is, that bearing through a moment of disappointment for saying ‘No’ is way better than dealing with the longterm stress of getting out of an dinner plan, concocting a story about why you can’t chair a luncheon or breaking brunch plans with your girlfriends. Putting yourself and your priorities first will make for a more peaceful you.

Here are a few tips to make saying no a little easier

1. Stop being so nice

That’s the thing about nice people, they tend to get taken advantage of. You need to stand your ground and mean it. If you keep saying yes, people will continue to monopolize your time again and again.

2. Saying YES to you

Disappointing people is not easy, but you have to look at it like you are saying NO to them but YES to you. Being selfish is a must and it is imperative to take care of your own life before you can help others.

3. Give another option

A good way to soften the blow of a NO, is to give them another option along with your response. “I can’t today, but Tess may be able to help you with your project” or “I have a lot going on this week, can we touch base again about it next week?” This way you are being firm in your decision while, not shutting them down completely.

4. Time is money





I could not agree more with this statement from the fashion guru Tom Ford. Time is the only thing you cannot buy, and you cannot make up for. Once it is gone it is gone. Know what your priorities are and stick to them. There is no sense in letting people suck up all of your time and energy, when it could be used to take care of all those things you have been neglecting.

5. Stop Explaining

Not everything needs an explanation. The more you try to explain something the more weak your argument becomes. Just say no, and move on :)





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