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anastasia contour palette

I finally received my Anastasia Contour Kit, and I can’t tell you how much I love this product. Upon first opening the palette, I noticed what a great variety of colors it included: Vanilla: a matte shade with a pink undertone, Banana: a matte shade with a yellow undertone, Sand: a neutral shimmer highlight, Java: A warm brown matte shade, Fawn: a taupe matte shade and finally Havana: a red based matte brown

As a makeup artist our kits are always changing. We are always reading about the latest “Holy Grail” makeup product, or coveted must haves. That being said, I must say I was hesitant to buy this product after much press, because I typically like to contour and highlight with creams opposed to powders. My opinion was definitely changed when I finally got to test out the Anastasia Contour Book.

anastasia contour swatch

The reason why i shy away from highlighting and contouring with powders is due to the face that if you use the wrong type, it can make the skin look dry, and can show a lot of texture. I was pleasantly surprised when I used these powders, that they were highly pigmented and went on silky smooth, yet was easy to blend. This palette is perfect for my kit as it works with many skin tones, yet it would be perfect for the makeup beginner who wanted to practice with highlighting and contouring.

Here are some stages of my process:

eri1No Foundation

eri3Foundation Only

eri2With Full Contouring

I ended up using this product all over my face, including my eyes!

  • I used a mix of Java and Havana under my jawline, and in the hollows of my cheek as well as in my crease.
  • I used fawn along the sides of my nose and inner eye sockets to make it appear thinner
  • Banana was used under my eyes (with no concealer underneath!) , down the center of my nose, and on the chin.
  • Sand was used to highlight my brow bone, on my eyelids, above the brows, high points of the cheek, and my cupids bow.

I can’t wait to play with these products on my clients faces! Do you contour your face on a daily basis?



YES. yes. yes. Everyone is obsessed about Kylie Jenner’s lips. Are they real? Are they fake? How could she start plastic surgery at such a young age? Is it just part of her maturing process? All of these questions come to mind, but nonetheless, people are talking. Why? Well for one it looks fantastic.


Kylie is the youngest of the Kardashian Klan, but in my eyes, by far the most badass. Yes I said it. She brings cool girls status to the next level. Oh how I wish I was 17 again. (well maybe not)


Regardless of the questionable surgery, she has been sporting some beautiful matte lipstick shades that evoke a spirit of the 90’s. Makes me want to pull out my MAC Stone lipliner. Sure she may have had injections, but here’s my trick for getting the same look, with a lot less pain.


First and foremost you must prep your lips! Make sure you are hydrated, and give your lips a good exfoliation. For a quick at home lip scrub, just take some olive oil and sugar and scrub generously, to reveal soft smooth hydrated lips.

  • I used MAC Spice lip pencil to line the lips. If you don’t have Spice, pick a medium shade liner with a mauve, brown or rose base. (Kylie uses MAC lipliner in Whirl often) This is the most important part, as you will have to slightly overdraw the lips. nothing crazy or clownlike, just outside your natural lip line. Also make sure you round out the edges at your cupids bow and do not make them too sharp or pointy. Color in all the corners, and leave the middle open.
  • Lipstick choice is imperative. Kylie uses a matte finish. There are several lipsticks you could use to achieve the look, but my favorite is MAC Taupe, or Buxom lip foundation in Undressed.
  • Finish the look by highlighting just above your cupids bow to make the top lip look extra plump. The light reflects, and your lips will instantly look fuller! You can use a shimmery nude eyeshadow, or a cream highlighter.

Voila! A plush pout Kylie would be jealous of, sans injectables.

photo 4 (1) copyphoto (1)Enjoy!






In a nod to the resurgence of all things 90’s, I present to you the latest fashion editorial I had the privilege to do makeup and hair for, IN BLOOM. Shot with model Paige Tiziani, and Photographer Orlando Behar in Little Rock, this editorial was a blast to be a part of.

Being a teen in the 90’s myself, I was delighted to see the essentials like Matte brown lipsticks, sunflower prints, crop tops, and platform sneakers come back into style. Although I wouldn’t necessarily add those items into my personal wardrobe, I do love to see the essence of the decade mixed in with high fashion. This shoot had that exact feel. It was a nice blend of sophisticated dark florals, slept in hair, beanies, and dark smudgy eyes.

I can only wish I looked this cool traipsing through the woods.